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The Escalators is a band that sounds quite unlike anything else. Taking its inspiration from some of the artistic concepts of master filmmaker David Lynch the band carve out an affective conceptual approach to their music making. 

Composer and bandleader Kynan Robinson involves both the ideas of reality and fantasy into the sometimes beautiful, sometimes unsettling music played by The Escalators. Working with visual artists to create set designs, which include video, their live shows teeter on the edge of haunting beauty and Lynchian weirdness. 
Robinson has carved out a significantly impressive career as a highly talented and daring musician and composer with multiple releases with his bands Des Peres and En Rusk. He is also a member of bands as diverse as ARIA award winning CW Stoneking and the Primitive Horn Orchestra to the Adam Simmons Quartet and Melbourne SKA giants Skazz. 

The Escalators consist of a veritable who’s who of the Melbourne music scene with all performers playing in dozens of other significant Melbourne bands including City City City, Adam Simmons Toys Band, CW. Stoneking, The Antipodeans, Malakat, the Ned Collette band, the Andrea Keller Quartet and introduces the astounding talents of master DJ, DJ Element.

Wrapped In Plastic
out now.

Trombone - Kynan Robinson

Piano - Marc Hannaford

Bass - Mick Meagher

Drums - Joe Talia

Trumpet - Pat Thiel

Guitar - Lawrence Folvig

Turntables/Sampler - DJ Element


"The composer, trombonist Kynan Robinson, has created -- with Marc Hannaford on piano, Mick Meagher on bass, Joe Talia on drums, Pat Thiel on trumpet and Lawrence Folvig on guitar -- a well-integrated journey in sound. Horns give a sense of space and significance, while DJ Element adds snippets of voice and "bird calls'' that are not out of place. This is a surreal body of work worth unwrapping."

File between: The Necks, DJ Shadow

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Track Listing Show

  1. Log Lady
  2. Uncle Bob
  3. Blue Fire
  4. James: Boy On A Motorcycle
  5. The Great Northern
  6. Josie