1 - UnnamedTreat Me Gently - Barlow, Coleman, Fitzgibbon and Anning

Treat Me Gently, is the collaborative recording from outstanding musicians, George Coleman Jr. (US), Dale Barlow, Mark Fitzgibbon and Sam Anning.

Capturing a sound that is exciting and inspired with a high level of musicianship, this Quartet encompasses swing, authenticity, original tunes and classic standards, such as Amsterdam After Dark (by George Coleman), There’s No Then In Zen (Victor Magnani) and The End of A Love Affair, which is played with bebop abandon.

Barlow, Fitzgibbon and Coleman Jr came together in the late 80’s, and have been playing together on and off, ever since. Anning, while having played with Fitzgibbon and Barlow many times, was introduced to Coleman Jr for the first time on the night of the recording. Establishing a groove and an understanding usually known to long time collaborators.

2009 ARIA Award Nominee - Best Jazz Album

Dale Barlow – Tenor Sax and Flute
Mark Fitzgibbon – Piano
Sam Anning – Bass
George Coleman Jr – Drums

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Track Listing Show

  1. Amsterdam After Dark
  2. Glasshouse
  3. Fight Or Flight Response Blues
  4. You Go To My Head
  5. Bushwalk
  6. Theres No Zen In Then
  7. End Of A Love Affair