1 - UnnamedThe Spanish Tinge (Ben Winkelman Trio)

The Spanish Tinge is a collection of diverse originals, some of which feature the "Spanish Tinge": Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms, odd time claves and the influence of Argentinean tango. The album also includes a jazz treatment of a Yiddish ballad and more exploration of contemporary possibilties for stride piano and early jazz sounds. This diversity of styles reflects Winkelman's inclusive approach to composition, seeking to give more of his varied musical interests a place in his jazz work.

Ben Winkelman - piano
Sam Anning - bass
Ben Vanderwal - drums

Guest players include
Paul Williamson (trumpet)
Lachlan McLean (alto saxophone)
Julien Wilson (tenor saxophone)
Ben Gillespie (trombone)
Javier Fredes (congas)

Press quotes about “The Spanish Tinge” (2007):
**** "More please." The Age Green Guide, 2007
**** “Thrilling and mind expanding.” M Magazine, The Age, 2007
“The title track demonstrates both the pianist’s wit and his formidable piano technique.” Cadence Magazine (USA), 2008


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Track Listing Show

  1. Hurtling Towards The Grave
  2. The More Complex Needs Of The Northern Soul
  3. Malady
  4. The Spanish Tinge
  5. Issachar
  6. Urge
  7. The Tearing Of The Veil
  8. Aguantando La Zozobra Crepuscular
  9. Vilna