1 - UnnamedStomps, Pieces and Variations (Ben Winkelman Trio)

The Ben Winkelman Trio, featuring Ben Winkelman (piano), Rodrigo Aravena (bass) and Danny Fischer (drums) have come together for their debut Jazzhead release, Stomps Pieces and Variations.

The 14 tracks represent a diverse cross section of Ben's writing with influences ranging from Herbie Hancock to Jelly Roll Morton to Brazilian music and Bartok. Making use of hits, stabs and lines that are broken up across the three instruments, they have created an element of bop (or post-bop) to their music.

Press quotes about “Stomps, Pieces and Variations” (2005):

**** "Just when we thought everything possible with jazz piano trios had been done, this Melbourne trio's debut album forces a rethink." The Australian, 2005

**** "Splendid. Here we come a little closer to the divine." The Age EG, 2005

“Ben Winkelman is the genuine article, a determined crossbreeder of styles whose music is inventive and often surprising.” Cadence (USA), 2006


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Track Listing Show

  1. Trio Piece In Seconds And Thirds
  2. Bananeiro
  3. Maxine's Stomp
  4. Scumbag Blues
  5. I Sold You And You Sold Me
  6. No Tengo Un Puto Duro
  7. The Tomasa Variations
  8. Pearls Before Swine
  9. The Game With Mirrors
  10. Study In Seconds And Thirds
  11. The Deadly Vice Of Nostalgia
  12. Spring
  13. Stand A Little Taller At Yom Kippur
  14. Five Note Rag