The Last Sanctuary (James Mustafa Jazz Orchestra) 2 - Cover Final JMJO


Winner of the 2015 Australian Jazz Bell Award for Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year.

The Last Sanctuary is the debut album of the James Mustafa Jazz Orchestra.

Led by composer James Mustafa, the JMJO are a 19-piece ensemble comprised of some of Australia’s finest artists.

This album features a diverse array of James’ original compositions that are a refined combination of orchestral and improvised music.

Highlighting lush contemporary orchestrations as well as prominent areas of improvisation, the music pivots between written and creative collaborations.

A sophisticated and divine debut from James Mustafa's contemporary jazz orchestra. 


Learn more about how this fantastic came to be with The JMJO: Making of The Last Sanctuary.




1. Paper Boats – 8.11

Stephen Byth (tenor sax)

Adrian Sherriff (bass trombone)


2. Soul Dust – 6.49

Lachlan Davidson (alto sax)


3. The Last Sanctuary – 18.31

James Macaulay (trombone)

Eugene Ball (trumpet)

Tim Wilson (alto sax)


4. Seasons Place – 9.54

Jordan Murray (trombone)


5. Amber Moment – 9.06

Paul Williamson (flugelhorn)

Darrin Archer (piano)


6. Rush Hour Blues - 8.51

Tony Hicks (tenor sax)

Ben Harrison (trumpet)



Reed 1: Lachlan Davidson

Reed 2: Tim Wilson

Reed 3: Tony Hicks

Reed 4: Steve Byth

Reed 5: Greg Clarkson


Tpt 1: Greg Clarkson

Tpt 2: Paul Williamson

Tpt 3: Eugene Ball

Tpt 4: Paddy McMullin

Tpt 5: Ben Harrison


Tbn 1: Jordan Murray

Tbn 2: Eric Budd

Tbn 3: James Macaulay

Bass Bone: Adrian Sherriff


Guitar: Jack Pantazis

Piano: John McAll

Bass: Kim May

Drums: Tony Floyd

Perc: Timothy Hook

Vocals: Gian Slater



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Track Listing Show

  1. Paper Boats
    8:11 (composed by James Mustafa)
  2. Soul Dust
    6:49 (composed by James Mustafa)
  3. The Last Sanctuary
    18:31 (composed by James Mustafa)
  4. Seasons Place
    9:54 (composed by James Mustafa)
  5. Amber Moment
    9:06 (composed by James Mustafa)
  6. Rush Hour Blues
    8:51 (composed by James Mustafa)