1 - UnnamedSometimes I Feel (Alison Wedding)

Sometimes I Feel is the astonishing second CD release from outstanding vocalist Alison Wedding. This CD, her Jazzhead debut, is the follow up to her lauded release The Secret (Best Australian Jazz Vocal Album, Bell Awards 2004). Sometimes I Feel embraces the styles, influences and emotions of Alison's extraordinary musical journey. The singer cites the greatest challenge of this project as being that of incorporating all of these broad elements whilst creating a continuum and a cohesive album. Accompanying Alison are Sam Keevers (keys), Ben Robertson (bass), Stephen Magnusson (guitar) and Dave Beck (drums). Supported ably by these incredibly versatile musicians, Alison embraces the samba feel of Pretty Soon, the swing of Wackadoo Blues, the soul of For Good, the R&B of My Poor Hands and everything in between.


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Track Listing Show

  1. Blur
  2. Bring Me Back To Life
  3. My Poor Hands
  4. Pretty Soon
  5. Will I Ever
  6. You And I
  7. For Good
  8. This Fear
  9. As If
  10. 5 Out Of 10
  11. Not Enough
  12. Too Tight
  13. Wackadoo Blues
  14. Sometimes I Feel
  15. Wackadoo Reprise