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In Cahoots is the compelling new release from Inside Out; trumpet-man Paul Williamson’s impressive new ensemble.

Inside Out features the outstanding talents of Paul Williamson (trumpet/composer), Marc Hannaford (piano), Sam Zerna (double bass) and James McLean (drums). Each of these highly regarded jazz musicians are actively involved in the Australian Jazz scene and inspirational as performers, composers, and educators.

The Quartet was formed in 2009 on Williamson’s return to Melbourne after an fruitful 2year stint performing on the European jazz scene. Based in Dublin Williamson worked with an array of incredible musicians at various festivals and events around Ireland, Europe and USA.

While many of the In Cahoots tracks were composed and inspired by life in other lands, the ensembles consistent performances have contributed to the music's evolution into its current form. The groups' arrangements, including entrancing piano interludes and fiery ensemble interactions, ignite their exciting, contemporary sound.

In Cahoots available now.


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Paul Williamson

Marc Hannaford



Track Listing Show

  1. Green Land, Grey Skies
  2. Toey
  3. The Stoop
  4. Shop And Gargle
  5. Knuckles And Chuckles
  6. Wistful
  7. Silent Disco
  8. Don't Trust The Sun