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4.5 Stars "A brilliant Trio of stellar originality." The Australian

4 Stars "Trichotomy show you don't need lyrics to paint musical pictures." Courier Mail


Trichotomy (the Trio formerly known as Misinterprotato*) featuring Piano (Sean Foran), bass (Patrick Marchisella) drums (John Parker) release their provoking new album, FACT FINDING MISSION.  

With a strong history as the trio Misinterprotato, the group have reinvented themselves as Trichotomy. They herald this significant step with FACT FINDING MISSION, a new album of original music, full of vitality and a sense of adventure that places Trichotomy at the forefront of modern creative jazz. 

Differing from their previous album, the Bell Award nominated The Gentle War, which focused on just the trio, Fact Finding Mission includes an impressive line-up of musician/improvisors including guitar maestro James Muller, percussionist Tunji Beier and Linsey Pollak on reeds. The ensemble, incorporating European and Indian folk elements, stretch their musical legs across a range of influences from classical music, rock and jazz but throughout the core trio most clearly sound like themselves, assured with their style and sound.

Fact Finding Mission is a blend of earthy rhythms, crisp melodies, flowing bass lines and the pure freedom of jazz make Trichotomy’s Fact Finding Mission a treasure hunt well worth joining.

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Tracking live to tape and recording over 120 minutes of material for the album, results in a selection of the most absorbing material created by the Trio. 

Available on CD and Limited Edition 180 gram 12" Vinyl (includes a high def download card).

FACT FINDING MISSION is an album of modern, improvised music that celebrates their diverse Trio sound. 


* read about the name change on their artist page click to go to jazzhead.com/trichotomy

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The lyricism of EST and energy level of The Bad Plus….Excellent." The Evening Standard

Trichotomy are a band with character – and refreshingly, they refuse to stick to the same one.” The Guardian



Sean Foran (piano), John Parker (drums) and Pat Machisella (acoustic bass).

... with special guests: Tunji Beier – percussion, Linsey Pollak – reeds, James Muller – guitar


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Please enjoy a track from Fact Finding Mission here:

Track Listing Show

  1. Strom
  2. The Blank Canvas pt 1
    Featuring James Muller -Guitar
  3. Lullaby
  4. Fact Finding Mission
  5. Song For EV
  6. Civil Unrest
    Featuring James Muller -Guitar and Tunji Beier -Percussion
  7. The Brook
  8. The Blank Canvas pt 2
    Featuring James Muller -Guitar
  9. Brick By Brick
    Featuring 'DVA' (Tunji Beier -Percussion & Linsey Pollak -Reeds)