Galumphing 'Round The Nation

(Andrea Keller Quartet)


1 - Andrea KellerGalumphing 'Round The Nation is the inspired latest release from the award winning Andrea Keller Quartet.

Keller composed six remarkable new works for the Quartet with the idea that there be improvising room for an invited guest, the 5th part (thus making a quintet!). Initially this was arranged for the 2009 Collaborations Tour where highly regarded musicians were invited, at each new show, to sit with the Quartet and respond within the compositions.

Creating this kind of musical environment afforded these incredibly dynamic musicians great freedom to contribute their individuality to the sound of the Quartet. With this concept in mind the Quartet collaborated once again in the studio. With the breadth of experience and talent of the Quartet and esteemed guests, incredible results were produced; as though all were part of a long established quintet.

Featured on this extraordinary recording are The Andrea Keller Quartet:

Eugene Ball - Trumpet,

Ian Whitehurst - Tenor Saxophone,

Joe Talia - Drum,

Andrea Keller - Piano

and special guests: Miroslav Bukovsky (ACT) - Trumpet, Phil Slater (NSW) - Trumpet, Bernie McGann (NSW) - Alto Saxophone, Jamie Oehlers (W A) - Tenor Saxophone, John Rodgers (QLD) - Violin, Stephen Magnusson (VIC) - Guitar

This collaborations project is a recording that you must hear to believe. Stunning. 


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Track Listing Show

  1. My Old Friend
    Special Guest Miroslav Bukovsky (trumpet)
  2. For Bernie
    Special Guest Bernie McGann (alto saxophone)
  3. Galumphing 'Round The Nation
    Special Guest Jamie Oehlers (tenor saxophone)
  4. The Rain Outside
    Special Guest Phil Slater (trumpet)
  5. The Incredible View
    Special Guest Stephen Magnusson (guitar)
  6. Small Comforts
    Special Guest John Rodgers (violin)
  7. Soup Tin Baby
  8. Smells Like Music