Family Portraits (Andrea Keller)  1 - Unnamed

Jazz pianist and composer Andrea Keller has established herself as an important contributor to Australian jazz and contemporary music. In recent years solo piano has become a prominent feature of Keller’s performance life.  

Keller’s new release, Family Portraits is a collection of solo piano pieces, best described as an aural family tree.

Composed and performed by Andrea Keller utilising the Boss RC50 loop station, Line 6 delay pedal and preparations.

Insights into Andrea Kellers new album Family Portraits are beautifully presented in this candid interview by Roger Mitchell. To read the interview please click here...

Track Listing Show

  1. Golden Strawberries
  2. Soup Tin Baby
  3. Fern Tree
  4. Incomparable
  5. Slim Jim
  6. Belonging
  7. Deep Blue
  8. For Love
  9. Paper Sandals
  10. Without Voice
  11. Lineage