1 - UnnamedMeeting Of The Waters (Mike Nock Project)

ARIA Award Winner Mike Nock formed the Mike Nock Project originally for the Wangaratta Festival in 2004.  The musicians were chosen for the Project both for their individual abilities and for the way they would interact in this context. After an astounding debut performance, a recording was inevitable, Meeting Of The Waters followed shortly after.  There are many moments of extraordinary music making throughout this recording, the kind of joyous magic that can only happen when a relaxed and supportive musical camaraderie is aligned with a strong unity of purpose.  

2008 ARIA Award Nominee - Best Jazz Album

Julien Wilson  -  Tenor Sax
James Greening  -  Trombone
Steve Magnusson  - Guitar
Dale Gorfinkel  -  Vibraphone
Tim Wilson  -  Alto Sax
Eugene Ball  -  Trumpet
Toby Hall  -  Drums
Brett Hirst  -  Bass
Mike Nock  -  Piano


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Track Listing Show

  1. The Six Virtues
  2. Mysteries
  3. Jazz Elective #2
  4. Patience
  5. Cyboreal
  6. Atavism
  7. Meeting Of The Waters
  8. Sho's Cradle Song