Closer (Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet)1 - cover_Closer

Closer is the exceptional new release from the Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet.

Lauded as one of the most swinging, insightful pianists that Australia has produced, legendary pianist and composer Mark Fitzgibbon presents the debut recording of his new Quartet. 

Formed over the past two years the Quartet incorporates the searing alto of David Rex, the driving bass of Tom Lee and the groove and precision of drummer Craig Simon.

The combined energy and talent of the musicians, together with the compositional skills of Fitzgibbon and of David Rex have produced a sublime cocktail of contemporary jazz with a nod to the rich tradition that has ultimately influenced all of them.

Closer is a stirring collection of compositions encompassing the hard swing of tracks such as “Izone” and “Nailing”, the grooving, exhilarating “Hammond Song”, the deep bluesy “So Yesterday”, the melancholy of “What’s Gone Before” the swaying “Elena” and the cool title track “Closer”.


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Track Listing Show

  1. Izone
  2. Nailing
  3. Kova
  4. So Yesterday
  5. Archival
  6. Majority
  7. Hammond Song
  8. Whats Gone Before
  9. Closer
  10. Aeolis
  11. Stealthy
  12. Elena