1 - UnnamedVivid (Barney McAll, Badal Roy, Rufus Cappadocia)

Vivid is the collaborative trio CD from Barney McAll, one of Australia's finest jazz pianists, tabla player and percussionist Badal Roy and cellist Rufus Cappadocia.

McAll, Roy and Cappadocia all reside in New York and enjoy successful careers.  McAll playing with the likes of Gary Bartz, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Dewey Redman. Roy was the tabla player on such seminal recordings as Miles Davis' On The Corner and on various Ornette Coleman's Prime Time Recordings.  Cappadocia, who plays five-string cello of his own design, which at times, can sound like an electric bass, and African violin or a middle eastern rabab, has performed with Odetta, Aretha Franklin and the Black Rock Coalition.

This unique ensemble has been performing in the USA and in Europe since 2002 developing the repertoire that is heard on the CD.

Afrobeat, Sufi music, Indian Ragas and traditional African music can all be detected as influences here and it is a mesmerizing brew that is both soothing and stimulating.


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Track Listing Show

  1. Ali Gordum Taksim
  2. Ali Gordum
  3. Painless
  4. Fongee Fongee
  5. Chinese Cello
  6. Allankar
  7. 25 Min
  8. Terenaam
  9. Sarangi
  10. Inverted Pan
  11. Balatabla
  12. Gigantic
  13. Jex