1 - UnnamedThe Assemblers (Jamie Oehlers)

This exciting release from Jamie Oehlers, winner of the 2003 World Saxophone Competition held at the Montreux Jazz Festival, is Oehlers' Jazzhead debut.

Oehlers' tenor sax leads Sam Keevers (piano), Rodrigo Aravena (bass) and Danny Fischer (drums), with Paul Williamson (trumpet) guesting, through a diverse selection of Oehlers' original pieces from drum and bass to bolero to free blowing - Ornette style.

2006 Winner Best Contemporary Jazz Album (Australian Jazz Bell Awards)




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Track Listing Show

  1. The Replicators
  2. Hat In The Cat
  3. Midnight Mourning
  4. Undercover
  5. Tomorrow's Yesterday
  6. Beautiful Freak
  7. The Assemblers
  8. Protest