Graft (Barney McAll) 1 - Unnamed

Graft is Barney McAll’s seventh album and continues this exciting trajectory. The album features vocalists Gian Slater and Sia Furler, the acclaimed 16 piece choir Invenio and Dan Weiss on drums.

Graft juxtaposes the purity of Gian Slater's Invenio Choir against a constantly morphing background of virtual and real, improvisation and composition, shadows and light. It is a wild musical sound painting. Graft is a suite of music that looks at technology and the bizarre affect it is having on human connection.

Like plants growing through concrete, a child commanding a touch screen, or a tiny beating heart inside a hard drive, these pieces are thought provoking and emotive.

Graft is the music of now.

Barney McAll - Piano, Clavinet, Casio 202, Chucky,

Gian Slater -Vocals and Choir Arrangements

Sia Furler- Vocals 

Invenio Choir- (Names TBC but there are 16! People)

Dan Weiss- Drums

Sam Anning -Bass

Jonathon Maron - Bass

Genji Siarisi- Drum Programming

Having resided in New York since 1998, McAll’s innovation and talent as an artist has continued to grow and evolve, never stagnant, never without purpose, as this truly stunning new recording will attest.

"The most powerful impression came from New York-based Australian pianist Barney McAll. His visionary new work Graft (featuring two pianos, vibraphone and a 16-voice choir) combined soulful grooves, electronics, ethereal harmonies and exquisite lyricism".  SYDNEY MORNING HERALD



Listen to a full track here:

Jazz Epidural/Barney McAll by Jazzhead Records

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Track Listing Show

  1. SexMagicDeath
  2. Jazz Epidural
  3. Nostalgia For The Present
  4. Firefly
    Featuring Sia Furler (vocals)
  5. Leiby (Part 1)
  6. Leiby (Part 2)
  7. Evie
  8. Catch A Falling
  9. Blood USB
  10. Struggle Continues
  11. The Music Is The Magic