A Time, Times And Half A Time (Galaxstare)1 - Unnamed

GALAXSTARE (formerly the Richard Maegraith Band) have produced a strikingly original new album “A Time, Times And Half A Time”.

With a dramatic approach to their energetic, lyrical and modern sound, Galaxstare draw on electronica, soul, world and avant-garde influences to create a vital, honest and sublime expression of Australian jazz.

The recording features Kristin Berardi’s soulful vocals with Gary Daley (Rhodes/piano accordion), Jonathan Zwartz (double bass), Tim Firth (drums) and Richard Maegraith (tenor sax/bass clarinet).

A Time, Times And Half A Time was recorded live at Sydney’s Seymour Centre Sound Lounge and mastered by Florian Ross in Cologne.



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Waiting / Galaxstare / Jazzhead by Jazzhead Records


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Track Listing Show

  1. Romans VII
  2. Job's Deliverer
  3. Love Feast
  4. New One
  5. The Comforter
  6. A Time, Times And Half A Time
  7. Waiting
  8. The Journey